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Fujitsu to Highlight Smart Lighting Technology at LightFair 2023

May 16, 2023

Scalable mesh network products to be displayed at Booth #1865

Fujitsu Components America will showcase the components needed to create fast, secure mesh networks that serve as the backbone of massive scale smart lighting systems, and as the foundation of smart buildings—all with unlimited nodes and self-healing capability—at the upcoming LightFair 2023 conference and trade show. The event is slated for May 21 to May 25 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Among Fujitsu offerings to be featured during LightFair are its scalable, selectable mesh network products for lighting fixtures, drivers, and controllers. These include:

  • FWM7BLZ22W/P/T - this tiny module features dimensions of 7.5 mm x 7.99 mm and fits into any PCB space. It boasts a transmission power of up to +8dBm.
  • FWM7BLZ20W - the FWMBLZ20W is a standard radio module that can operate in temperatures ranging from -40degC to +85degC, with a power source of 1.7V to 3.6V.
  • FWM7BLZ23W - units in this series comprise Fujitsu’s newest family of mesh radio modules. All options support 1MB flash and 256KB RAM and, in turn, large customer firmware.

Replacing the FWMBLZ20B with the FWMBLZ23 permits users to easily become part of the Fujitsu ecosystem, starting with one application and migrating to others for added value. Further added value and support provided directly through Fujitsu, such as practical advice on Nordic SDK and antenna/module placement knowhow, afford the convenience of maintaining a single point of contact, rather than multiple ones, for application design.

Another smart lighting component to be spotlighted by Fujitsu at LightFair is a highly versatile USB-A dongle-shaped module, which:

  • Fits any available USB-A port.
  • Allows anchor (mesh router) capability to be added to any existing network design with a USB-A port.
  • Is also available for tag and sink (G/W) nodes.

Fujitsu will be exhibiting the mesh network products at Booth #1865 during the trade show portion of LightFair, May 23 to May 25. Other companies in the Fujitsu partner ecosystem, among them Wirepas and Ingy, will be represented at the booth as well.

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